Website / Graphic Design projects:

The first phase is the design stage. Here are some frequently asked questions you might:

Q - How long will it take to have my website/graphic designed?

A - The first phase of the design process involves the designer producing 1-2 pages or mockups of what he or she believes will suit the nature of the clients business. This stage often takes 2-3 days. The Designer will often have met the client beforehand or discussed the project in depth. Only after the initial draft sign off will the Designer continue to design the remaining pages of the website or if it is a print project add the copy. Depending on the complexity of the website being developed, this stage will take anything from 1-2 weeks.

Q - What does the “Initial draft sign off” mean?

A - The initial draft sign off is the end of the process in which the Designer provides initial design visuals to the client following their initial meeting. When the client is happy with the new designs he of she signs off the drafts, allowing the designer to continue designing the rest of the site in the agreed style and format.

Q - How will the designer know what I want my site/graphic to look like just on an initial meeting?

A - The Designers at Backwood have many years experience working in various areas within the industry from Print Advertising to Online Branding. Their talents lie in understanding the needs of the businesses and individuals they work with and knowing through experience what visual approach will be the most effective.

Q - What are the chances of my new website/print project looking like someone else's?

A - Before any designs are made, the designer carries out research. By gathering information on what is already out there the Designer can avoid overused styles and produce something relevant but unique. Backwood do not use pre-designed templates so there is no chance of a client having a website which is identical to another's.

Q - I have images that I want to use but they are not very good quality. Will you be able to enhance them?

A - There is only a certain extent to which images can be enhanced. Depending on the resolution and quality of the images, there is always a fair chance the Designer can augment the images using programs such as Photoshop. However, if the images are too small, they should not be enlarged or stretched in any way as this causes the images to pixelate and become unfocused.

Q - Can I make changes to the website design further down the line?

A - At Backwood we often advise against making changes to the format and design elements of a website after the website has been developed. It proves costly to the client as it involves not only the design of new elements but also the Developers time changing the code to accommodate the new styles. It is much more time and cost effective for the client to make sure he or she is 100% happy with the initial design concept before the Development stage is undertaken.

Q - Can I make text changes on my online store and change images?

A - At Backwood we use either Magento, Joomla! or Squarespace content management systems. All are powerful tools which allow the client to replace product images and change copy when they need to. We give provide the client with all the training they need to successfully manage their own content.

Q - Do I need to meet with the Designer in person before the project commences?

A - We always prefer a face to face chat with our clients before we begin work. We believe this is beneficial for both parties and often produces great results. Sometimes however it is unfeasible to meet with clients. In these circumstances we like to have a chat over the phone and exchange ideas and send visuals via email.

Q - I have heard of “Favicons” what are these and do I need one?

A - A favicon (short for Favourite Icon) is the small logo which appears in your browsers address bar before the website address. The Designer will often design these small icons in keeping with the style of the website. It is popular to have one as it completes the online brand becoming a recognisable logo whenever people are on your site. When you do not have a custom designed favicon, and depending on which browser you are viewing your site in, a standard icon will appear.