We offer consultancy in WEB development & INTERNET technologies as well as BRAND IDENTITY & user experience design. 

We have worked on projects of all sizes and levels of sophistication from small promotional sites to large-scale e-commerce solutions and print advertising campaigns.

We can help you come to the right decision for your business by sharing our knowledge and experience helping you make sense of the options available to you. We can not only provide advice and guidance in growing your online identity through the creative process, but also offer support in understanding what goes on behind the scenes.


Backwood can help you choose software packages such as content management systems and hosting solutions that will grow with your business needs, helping you to understand the technologies that build the web. We can also give advice and guidance on how valid, accessible code should be utilised in combination with analytics tools and online marketing. 

We have just finished a project which involved consulting on the technology required for a trampoline park. Backwood Web also provided all the branding and signage.

If you are considering an e-commerce venture and can’t seem to see the wood for the trees, give us a shout and we will do our best to advise you on your options. Oh, and we don’t speak jargon, just plain English which you will be glad to hear.

Does your technology need updating. Have you been considering upgrading your office equipment but unsure of the best most cost efficient way to do it? Our IT specialists offer a free onsite consultation where they will assess your current setup and provide advice on the best way to upgrade. They will also give you advice on how to maintain your hardware and software to prevent future IT disasters.

If you are considering launching a new marketing campaign but are unsure of the best media channels to utilise, we can provide help and advice. Not everything happens online, not yet. print is still a valuable medium when it comes to creating brand awareness. Used in conjunction with a strong online campaign creates the best results.

Backwood consult startups and established businesses on how to create and maintain a strong brand identity on and offline, though the use of the web but also using traditional methods of advertising. 

Come have a chat to us to discuss your marketing ideas.

Backwood Web are experienced in product photography and have advised many clients' over the years on the best approach to displaying their products in the best way possible. We offer product photography as a service as well as offering support and advice, when needed.

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